Sunday, September 25, 2011

042 - Stonehenge and the Sunn Cycle

Another of our mystery groups kick off this edition of the show. The Sunn Cycle went into a studio in Asheville, NC in the late 1960's, recorded a track or two, then disappeared. We play their tune "Acid Raga, Part II." And no, as far as I know there is no Part I.

The Steve Peele Five sing what has to be one of the longest radio jingles ever -- a two-minute paen to a local record store/head shop known as Frankie's. And yes, it was really recorded as a radio ad, not a stand-alone song.

The Soul Spotlight shines on Junius "Bugs" Hughes with just what the doctor ordered -- a heaping helping of funk called "Just What the Doctor Ordered."

We finish with a song to bring everyone together (c'mon people now...). The Stonehenge sing the socially conscious "Try To Help Each Other." Peace, my friends.

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The Radio Star

This program we play:

Sunn Cycle: Acid Raga, Part II
Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. Fore!

The Steve Peele Five: Frankie's Got It!
Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. 1

Junius "Bugs" Hughes: Just What the Doctor Ordered
Ol' Virginia Soul, Encore!

Stonehenge: Try to Help Each Other
Lost Souls, Vol. 2 - Garage and Psychedelic Rock from Arkansas and Beyond


sherriandjack said...

I love the "Aliens, Psychos & Wild Things" series. Will will see a Vol. 5?
A compilation on bands that recorded for Raven/Piedmont Records in Danville, Va is my dream disc.

Jack Garrett

DCD Records, Inc. said...

That's a great idea. I'll pass that suggestion on to Brent Hosier, who compiles the AS&T series!