Thursday, November 25, 2010

022 - Shake Your Po Po In The Land Of Make-believe

We start the show with a little space guitar, ca. 1968. The Shades, Ltd deliver a rocking instrumental, "Frog Hunting on Mars."

 "The Wind Blows Your Hair" was originally recorded by a Pennsylvania-based group known as Prince Albert. The song would later be covered by the Seeds (we play the Prince Albert version, which is still pretty rockin').

In the Soul Spotlight for this episode is Earl Carter and the Fantastic 6. They lay down the beat for their dance track, "Shake Your Po Po" with some screaming horns.

Our final song comes from another mystery group, the Sunset Society. We play their oh-so-groovy track, "The Land of Make-believe."

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  - The Radiostar

This program we play:
Shades, LTD - Frog Hunting on Mars

Earl Carter and the Fantastic 6 - Shake Your Po Po

The Sunset Society - The Land of Make-believe

Monday, November 15, 2010

021 - Watch out! What have you heard?

The Proverbial Knee-Hi's were kind of a big deal in their native North Carolina, but it wasn't until they moved to New Jersey in 1966 that things really took off. In addition to being the headliners in their own club, the Knee-Hi's also started recording some of their original material. We play one of those tracks, "Watch Out."

In 1963 the Panics were one of many bands imitating the Beatles. Within a year, though, they'd developed more of their own style, which is captured in their 1964 recording of "No More."

Terry Sinclair takes center stage in our Soul Spotlight. A regular on the East Coast music scene, Sinclair was a singer who had a way with a ballad -- as he demonstrates in his song, "What have you heard."

And the mystery band the Mark IV return (we first featured them in our last podcast episode) with their song "Now That I'm Free."

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The Radio Star

This program we play:

The Proverbial Knee-Hi's - Watch Out
Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things, Volume One 

The Panics - No More
Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things, Volume 2

 Terry Sinclair - What Have You Heard?
Ol' Virginia Soul, Volume 1

The Mark IV - Now That I'm Free

Lost Souls, Volume 1