Tuesday, January 26, 2010

002 - Live Wires and Rocking Cavaliers

Garage/Soul 66 Podcast #002 - Live Wires and Rocking Cavaliers

This episode we play a mixed bag of forgotten classics. Sir Guy and the Rocking Cavaliers lay it all on the line with their soulful ode to "Funky Virginia." An incredibly youthful group appropriately named the Live Wires heat things up with their 1964 garage band concoction of "Scrambled Eggs."

Roanoke, Virginia is nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountain Range, yet it's from the Star City that Captain Darby and the Buccaneers set sail on the high seas of rock n' roll. "Look Out" indeed!

This program we play:

The Yardleys: The Light Won't Shine
Lost Souls, Vol. 1
Psych of the South

The Live Wires: Scrambled Eggs
Aliens, Psychos, andd Wild Things, Vol.  2
Arcania International

Sir Guy and the Rocking Cavaliers: Funky Virginia
Ol' Virginia Soul, Vol. 2
Arcania International

Captain Darby and the Buccaneers: Look Out!
Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. Fore
Arcania International

Friday, January 15, 2010

001 - Pink and Green and the Swinging Machine

Garage/Soul 66 #001 - Pink and Green and Swinging Machine

Welcome to the Garage/Soul '66 podcast! Arcania International (AI) and Psych of the South (PotS) are two of the many small record labels that are collecting and reissuing forgotten pop, psych, rock, R&B and soul recordings of the mid to late 1960's.

Both labels are carried by DCD Records, and both were willing to share the music with you. These vintage recordings are lo-fi, raw, high-energy and authentic. And deserve to be heard again.

For the first episode of our podcast series, we present four tracks of widely different stars.

The Swinging Machine was a mainstay of the eastern Virginia music scene, and it looked like they would break through in time. But the death of their lead singer in 1968 put an end to their dreams, and the band.

Shirley Hughey checks in with a slab of psychedelic pop titled "Pink and Green" from 1969. Far out and groovy, but many questions left unanswered, such as what does pink and green mean, and who was Shirley Hughey?

The Blue and Gray, as befitting their name, came from the deep south (Arkansas), where the Civil War is still the Recent Unpleasantness. Their track, "Don't Send Me No Flowers" has a protopunk swagger to it that's years ahead of its time.

Gene and the Team Beats/Gene and the Teen Beats. Same band, subtly different name. But solid soul no matter how they spelled it.

This show we play:

The Swinging Machine: Do You Have To Ask (1964)
from Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things, Vol. 1
Arcania International

Shirley Hughey: Pink and Green (1969)
from Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things, Vol. 3
Arcania International

Gene and Teen Beats: I'll Let Nothing Separate Me (1967)
from Ol' Virginia Soul, Part 1
Arcania International

The Blue and the Gray: Don't Send Me No Flowers (1966)
from Lost Souls, Vol. 1
Psych of the South