Tuesday, January 26, 2010

002 - Live Wires and Rocking Cavaliers

Garage/Soul 66 Podcast #002 - Live Wires and Rocking Cavaliers

This episode we play a mixed bag of forgotten classics. Sir Guy and the Rocking Cavaliers lay it all on the line with their soulful ode to "Funky Virginia." An incredibly youthful group appropriately named the Live Wires heat things up with their 1964 garage band concoction of "Scrambled Eggs."

Roanoke, Virginia is nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountain Range, yet it's from the Star City that Captain Darby and the Buccaneers set sail on the high seas of rock n' roll. "Look Out" indeed!

This program we play:

The Yardleys: The Light Won't Shine
Lost Souls, Vol. 1
Psych of the South

The Live Wires: Scrambled Eggs
Aliens, Psychos, andd Wild Things, Vol.  2
Arcania International

Sir Guy and the Rocking Cavaliers: Funky Virginia
Ol' Virginia Soul, Vol. 2
Arcania International

Captain Darby and the Buccaneers: Look Out!
Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. Fore
Arcania International

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