Monday, October 25, 2010

020 - The Aliens and the Uprisers

Twenty episodes and there's much more to come from the fine compilations put out by the Arcania International and Psych of the South record labels. We start the show the Mark IV, one of many mystery groups that came into a studio in the 1960's, cut a few tracks, then disappeared. Then it's on to East Coast regional favorites the Uprisers, with their song "Let Me Take You Down,"  a tune that actually charted on Richmond, Virginia radio stations.

Sir Guy's back in the Soul Spotlight with a great track, "I Need You Baby."

And we conclude with one of my personal favorites, "Love Somebody" by the Aliens. This Norfolk band sounds more than a little like the Jefferson Airplane, with lead singer Poneil matching Grace Slick in delivery. Neverthless, there's a lot of originality in this track that I think makes it appealing.

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This program we play:

The Mark IV - Hi Ho Silver

The Uprisers - Let Me Take You Down

Sir Guy - I Need You Baby

The Aliens - Love Someone

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