Wednesday, December 15, 2010

023 - Workers and the Morning Disaster

We start this episode of the Garage/Soul '66 podcast with a track from Richmond, Virginia legends the Morning Disaster. Not only were they an important part of the regional music scene in the mid 1960's, but they had strong song-writing skills as well. We feature their haunting tune, "Song of Innocence."

It seems about every episode of GS66 we have one or more mystery bands. They came, they recorded, they disappeared without a trace. It's a recurring story for record collectors of this genre. This program's mystery band is the Windfall, who (as far as anyone knows) only recorded one song -- "Workers." But what a song! It's pure fuzzed-out psychedelica.

The Purple Canteen took their name from the oddly-painted trailer they used as a rehearsal space. I'm not sure what the inspiration for their song was. We play their track "Brains in My Feet."

Our soul spotlight shines on Little Wink and Eddie's 25th Band. The group's trying to get everyone excited about a new dance -- the Peacock -- in this 1972 cut. Sure, it's a little outside our normal historical range, but we didn't want to pass up this slab of solid funk.

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The Radio Star

This program we play:

Morning Disaster - Song of Innocence
Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. 3

Windfall - Workers
Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Volume Fore

Little Wink and Eddie's 25th Band - Peacock
Ol' Virginia Soul Encore!

Purple Canteen - Brains in My Feet
Lost Souls, Volume 1

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