Monday, July 25, 2011

038 - The Nite Beats and the Phantoms

The Nite Beats walked the Southwest Virginia beat -- and did it pretty well, too. In 1966 they were invited to record a session at Sun Studios. Although the master tapes were lost soon after, we have the one surviving song from that session!

From the same part of the Old Dominion we also have the Phantoms. They played primarily the area where Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee border each other. Their one 45 "I Want to See Her Cry" is pretty rare -- but that's the way we like it on this podcast.

Wilson Williams takes the Soul Spotlight for this show. He was a fixture of the East Coast music scene, performing for over a decade at top clubs along the seaboard. And we finish with a track from the Coachmen and their 1966 rocker, "Two New Girls."

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The Radio Star

This program we play:

The Nite Beats - You're a Better Man Than I
Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. 2

The Phantoms - I Want to See Her Cry
Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. 2

Wilson Williams - I Got a Whole Lot to be Thankful For
Ol' Virginia Soul, Part 2

The Coachmen - Two New Girls
Lost Souls, Vol. 2 - Garage and Psychedelic Rock from Arkansas and Beyond

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