Tuesday, October 25, 2011

044 - Wilson Castle and Thunder Forest

We start the show with a mid-60's track recorded in Johnson City, TN. The Kool Kuzzins were actually a family band composed of two brothers and a cousin. And actually, all three were pretty cool.

The next track, "Party" comes from Washington DC-based Wilson Castle. Recorded in 1969, it sums up the closing era of peace and love (with a nod to John Lennon). Not bad for a group of teenagers.

Front and center in the Soul Spotlight this time is something of a mystery band. We don't know a lot about Zeke and the Soul Setters, save that they were based in Richmond, VA. Nevertheless, they produced a great lo-fi instrumental, and we have it. "Make My Love a Hurtin' Thing."

We finish with a group of young youngsters. If the lead singer of the Electric Sunshine sounds a little like Donny Osmond back in the day, there's a reason -- he's only nine years old. In fact, that was the average age of the entire band when they recorded their tracks in the 1960's. Now that's remarkable!

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The Radio Star

This program we play:

The Kool Kuzzins - Love Can Be True
Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. 2

Wilson Castle - Party
Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. 3

Zeke and Soul Setters - Make My Love a Hurtin' Thing
Ol' Virginia Soul, Part 2

Electric Sunshine - Thunder Forest
Lost Souls, Vol. 2 - Garage and Psychedelic Rock from Arkansas and Beyond

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