Sunday, July 25, 2010

014 - Coachmen and Heart Attacks

A stellar show this time around. We start with a crazy song by the Virginia-based group the Heart Attacks. Then it's up to the nation's capitol for a powerful ballad by Bernard Smith -- vintage 60's soul.

The Perpetual Spirits of Turpentine had a peculiar name, that's for sure -- but their music was pure garage pop. And their song "I'm a Lucky Guy" has the distinction of being one of the few true stereo tracks we've played on our podcast!

And we close with the Coachmen, a group that was very active throughout Arkansas in the mid 60's. They opened for many important acts on tour, and even played at the 1965 World's Fair -- and this was while the band members were still in high school!

- Radio Star

This program we play:

The Heart Attacks - Babba Diddy Baby
Aliens,  Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. 1

Bernard Smith - Never Gonna Give You Up
Ol' Virginia Soul, Vol. 2

The Perpetual Spirits of Turpentine - I'm a Lucky Guy
Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things, Vol. 3

The Coachmen - You're My Girl
Lost  Souls, Vol. 1

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