Sunday, August 15, 2010

015 - Cherry Road and Gooseberry Pie

This episode we feature two more mystery bands from the 1960's -- groups that showed up at a studio, cut some killer tracks, then disappeared into the mists of time. The Plague layed down some pretty heavy sounds on their session for "Cherry Pie." The Red Coats Revue, Inc. turn in a track of vintage East Coast beach soul with "Keep on Tryin'" a song maxed out the meters more than once, as you'll hear.

We also include a song by the Lost Souls, the group that lent their name to the Psych of the South's line of Arkansas garage/psych reissue CD compilations.

And we conclude with unstoppable musical force of Dean Kohler in rare form performing "Gooseberry Pie."

Remember - you don't need an iPod to enjoy this podcast. Just click on the link below and listen through your computer.

- Radio Star

This program we play:

The Lost Souls - My Girl
Lost  Souls, Vol. 1

The Plague - Cherry Road
Aliens, Psychos, and Wild Things, Vol. 3

Red Coats Revue, Inc. - Keep On Tryin'
Ol' Virginia Soul, Vol. 1

Dean Kohler - Gooseberry Pie
Ol' Virginia Soul, Vol. 1

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