Friday, October 15, 2010

019 - Mr. Crying and the Rejects

My voice still isn't full recovered, so it's another "less talk and more music!' episode. And what a line up of music.

The Swinging Machine returns with their plaintive song "Do You Have To Ask." Then it's off to Arkansas for "Mr. Crying" by Dead on Arrival, fronted by San Francisco transplant Hubrel Jones.

Stacy Henry and the Majestics turn in a soul performance of "Through the Lonely Years," and we finish with the Rejects (not the All-American kind) and their 1966 track "Just a Little Bit of You."

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The Radio Star

This program we play:

The Swinging Machine - Do You Really Have To Ask
Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things, Volume One

Dead On Arrival - Mr. Crying
Lost Souls, Volume 1

Stacy Henry and the Majestics - Through the Lonely Years
Ol' Virginia Soul, Volume 1

The Rejects - Just A Little Bit of You
Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things, Volume Three

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